Who benefits from Kalendi™?
From newspapers to web developers, Kalendi™ is the perfect event management, online calendar to use!


Keep your city informed about all the upcoming events. By allowing for moderated event submissions, Kalendi™ is perfect for newspapers!


Universities are packed with events.  From departments, clubs, sororities, and administrators, everybody wants to let everybody know about their event.  Kalendi™ Publisher is perfect for this!  Kalendi™ keeps events organized and user submission easy and makes it super easy for each department to manage their own events and share it too.


Give your website visitors information about your events. Kalendi is the perfect addition to any website and helps keep  users up to date on your events  Just put an HTML Widget on your page.


Keep schedules, trips, project timelines and even all the documentation in one place. Kalendi™ makes it easy to manage everyone's schedule and keep projects on track.

Event Managers

By providing on easy place to submit events, Kalendi™ is perfect for event Managers. Quickly see which rooms have been scheduled, as well as provide automatic email to remind people of upcoming events.

Health Care

Manage patients schedules, track vitals and even receive text message reminders for upcoming events! Kalendi™ makes it easy to focus on your patients and not on your schedule.


Track bus schedules, drivers schedules and even manage your accident reports all using one online tool! Kalendi™ is perfect for transportation administrators who want an easy way to manage all their schedules.

Web Developers

Give you clients what they need! Kalendi™ is the perfect addition to any clients website by allowing them to keep their users up to date on events without calling you to put it on your website. Just put an HTML Widget on their page and let them manage their own content!

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