Kalendi Android is the first calendar app that supports multiple CalDAV servers.

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Kalendi Android is a full-featured calendar application. Sync with Google Calendar, Kalendi, or any other calendar server that supports CalDAV. Easily exchange events between your mobile device and multiple calendar servers.

month view - 3D The application includes the month view shown in the first screenshot below which enables you to gain an overview of your schedule. Swipe to go to the previous or next month. Press on a day and obtain a list of your events (see second screenshot). Navigate from there to the previous or next day. Press any event to view details, delete, or edit the event. Add new events to any of your calendars. Any changes are synced immediately calendar view - 3D/> to your calendar server if you are online. If not, the application waits until you are online and then syncs. During a sync, events are exchanged in both directions, so any changes to events on your server are also downloaded to your phone.

Other features of the app include:
  1. support for complicated recurring events
  2. support for event attachments
  3. support for custom event properties
  4. choice of any desired color for your calendars
  5. integration with phone services
  6. email reminders and notifications
If you use Kalendi, you can add custom properties to your events including: phone numbers, addresses, emails, and websites (see third screenshot). Press on a phone number custom property and the number is dialed; Press on a web site and the site is loaded into the phone's browser; Press on an email and you can compose an email to that address; Press on an address and it is displayed in Google Maps. The application also supports event reminders. There are two types: email and notification. You can choose to receive either or both of these types. Notification reminders are received through the normal Notification mechanism on your mobile device. Email reminders are sent by your calendar server.

Android operated phones that Kalendi has been tested to work on!

  • Droid
  • Droid 2
  • Lg Ally
  • HTC Droid Incredible 2
  • Droid X
  • Droid X 2
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