By using the Kalendi™ API, developers can harness the power of this great calendar server.

What is the Kalendi™ API?

The Kalendi™ API provides web and application developers with full access to the functionality of the Kalendi™ calendar server.

With the API, developers can build applications that use the Kalendi™ calendar server as a specialized database for event data. The Kalendi™ API uses internet standards for interoperability, so applications that use it can run either on a desktop or directly from a web browser.

Who can use the Kalendi™ API?

The API is designed for web and application developers, including existing users of Consumer Kalendi™ and Business Kalendi™, as well as third-party developers.

Why might you use the Kalendi™ API?

Calendar API diagram
Using the Kalendi™ API, you can build applications that are customized to your, or your customer's, needs.

For example, a client used the Kalendi™ API to build a custom scheduling solution for a small music studio. Students of the studio could use Consumer Kalendi™ to view their music schedule, including lesson times.

Teachers arranged lesson times for all their students using Consumer Kalendi™ groups or a supported CalDAV client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple's iCal. And the studio's website used Kalendi™ calendar widgets to publicize recitals and other upcoming events. With the Kalendi™ API, your applications are limited only by your imagination.

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